ABENTEUERLAND (feature-length documentary): TRAILER

A documentary about a very special adventure in the homeland.
In 2021, my good friend and adventurer Christo Foerster called me and asked me if I wanted to produce a feature-length documentary about his latest crazy project: he wanted to travel all over Germany in less than 2 months. From the highest point to the northernmost tip: from the Zugspitze to Sylt. Only on foot and on the rivers of Germany on his stand-up board. He wanted to carry all his luggage for the 2 months and sleep in a hammock every night. Without exception. I immediately agreed without thinking about how we could finance such a project. We both started a crowdfunding campaign and managed to finance the film at the last second.  And just 4 weeks later the trip really started!
It became two very exhausting but wonderfully stimulating months of shooting in the wilds of germany, which were to be followed by another 12 months of intensive post-production.
ABENTEUERLAND finally premiered in June 2023 and could be seen in many cinemas until the end of September. ABENTEUERLAND is now available on DVD, Blueray and as a digital rental or digital purchase.
More information at: https://www.abenteuerland-film.de/

Client: Christo Foerster
Script/ Direction/ Camera/ Postproduction: Kai Hattermann
Assistant Direction: Nicole Hoppe
2nd Camera: Ole Windgassen
Additional Camera: Christo Foerster, Phillipe Opigez, Jan Boroewitsch, Jozef Kubica
Production: Kai Hattermann